Thursday, June 4, 2009

#5- Big Fish

#5- Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton

Big Fish is an important movie because it shows the way things in life can be distorted or even untruthful sometimes, but that doesn't really matter. It's truly a movie that focuses on feelings instead of knowledge. Will doesn't really know what's true about his father's life and because of that, and his father's obsession with himself, this creates a divide between father and son. Only when Will is able to let go a little from trying to figure out what's the truth and what's fiction can he accept who his father is and love him again. This is a movie about love and acceptance and realizing you can't change people, but you should love them for who they are.

#4- What Dreams May Come

#4- What Dreams May Come, directed by Werner Herzog

This movie is beautiful on so many levels. Robin Williams journeying through heaven and hell to rescue his wife is a true example of devotion, and that's why this movie is important. It shows that sometimes, people will go through anything to save someone that they love. It also tells a lot about how blind people are and how sometimes, you have to go through a lot of pain to see what's really there.

#3- The Breakfast Club

#3- The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes

One of the quintessential teen 80's movies, this film does show its age when it comes to music and style, but that doesn't matter in the big picture. This movie is important because it shows that even if you belong to a certain group (no matter how cliched), true teenage troubles transcend cliques. Those five teenagers sitting in the library on Saturday detention all have screwed up families, problems with friends and schoolwork and they all hate their principal. The Breakfast Club is a testament to the fact that life sucks in high school, no matter who you are.

#2- Pleasantville

#2- Pleasantville, directed by Gary Ross

Pleasantville is important because it strikes a chord with people looking for a perfect life. While it can be easy to see things like the town of Pleasantville as perfect, this movie shows us that everything has its complications, but the complications and differences are what make life beautiful.

#1- Almost Famous

#1- Almost Famous, directed by Cameron Crowe

My favorite movie of all time, Almost Famous, is not just on this list because it's is my favorite movie but because it matters. Almost Famous is a beautiful film about the family you find and about how important music really is. As a believer in music above all else, Almost Famous gets to my heart. But, it's also important because it shows that your home can move because people move. Almost Famous is about connection above all else-- the connection you feel with music, with people or even just with a moment.